NataSwing (4:03:35 PM): Hello?
NataSwing (4:06:42 PM): This is Natalie,from

Briogh (4:55:38 PM): Hello
NataSwing (4:55:45 PM): Hi, remember me?
Briogh (4:55:49 PM): Yep
NataSwing (4:56:05 PM): OK, I found out you
screen name for a reason

Briogh (4:56:25 PM): Which is?
NataSwing (4:56:33 PM): You're single correct?
Briogh (4:56:42 PM): yes...
NataSwing (4:57:05 PM): I want you to talk
sometime in the future to a friend of mine.

Briogh (4:57:37 PM): and who might this be? Have
I met her? (I'm hoping its a her....)

NataSwing (4:57:41 PM): You struck me as the
kind of person that would be great for her

NataSwing (4:58:03 PM): Kind of. well, not really.
She was sitting next to John at the play

Briogh (4:58:16 PM): hmm
NataSwing (4:58:28 PM): want me to tell you about

Briogh (4:58:35 PM): Well, I'm sure I'll be in
Delaware sometime in the future. Sure

NataSwing (4:58:55 PM): This is exciting! Well,
here goes.

Briogh (4:59:11 PM): lol
NataSwing (4:59:57 PM): She's funny, witty,
intelligent, charismatic, and other positive things.
She has a great sense of humor and is a very
interesting person

Briogh (5:01:02 PM): Well, sounds good so far.
One thing to establish, for long complicated
reasons, I don't believe in going out, I only go on
dates and try to get to know people.

NataSwing (5:01:54 PM): I know what you're
thinking. "What in the hell does she look like??"
and "She's probably hideous, I know about those
girls who are introduced to people"

NataSwing (5:02:26 PM): That's understandable.I
don't think she's in a particularly serious
relationship frame of mind either

Briogh (5:02:38 PM): lol, actually, personality is the
thing I'm most interested in.

NataSwing (5:03:03 PM): Well, if you're interested
in personality, then she's got it

NataSwing (5:03:28 PM): But it also just so
happens that she's absolutely gorgeous

Briogh (5:03:54 PM): that is a plus, definitely.
What's her name?

NataSwing (5:04:17 PM): And that's not the typical
"oh, she's... pretty" humble prettiness

Briogh (5:04:57 PM): lol, I get the picture
Briogh (5:05:03 PM): Is she religious at all?
NataSwing (5:05:03 PM): Her name's Kate
Bristow. She's into the Irish and Celtic stuff to.I
told her you went to the Celtic festival and that
peaked her interest

Briogh (5:05:22 PM): ah, being into Celtic music is
definitely a plus

NataSwing (5:06:11 PM): She's Catholic by
denomination, but she doesn't really believe in
organized religion. She definitely believes and
God and such, she just deosn't go to church much

Briogh (5:07:14 PM): ok. That's cool. Someone
who doesn't believe in God would be a problem

NataSwing (5:07:30 PM): she does very much
Briogh (5:08:34 PM): Well, sounds good. If John
and you are thinking of heading up to BA, or the
next time I end up in Delaware, which will
probably be over Christmas break, I'll meet her
and we can hang out

NataSwing (5:08:41 PM): Hey, she's my friend and
I wouldn't be good friends with someone I didn't
think was a good person

NataSwing (5:09:16 PM): Cool! But, I also know
what you are thining. "What's a girl as great and
wonderful as Kate doing single?"

Briogh (5:09:30 PM): lol. Ok, why is Kate single?
NataSwing (5:09:35 PM): Well, I'll tell you.
Briogh (5:09:54 PM): Have you ever thought of a
career in sales?

NataSwing (5:10:44 PM): She and her boyfriend
broke up a few weeks ago.I told her he was an
idiot but she didn't listen.

NataSwing (5:11:41 PM): So it's not like she has
any weird repellent qualities or anything as far as I

Briogh (5:12:05 PM): ok
NataSwing (5:12:10 PM): No, I haven't. It's only
when I'm really excited about something when I'm
all persuasive sounding

Briogh (5:12:21 PM): I trust you, I'll meet her and
hang out with her

NataSwing (5:12:33 PM): Abgemacht!
Briogh (5:12:40 PM): what the smeg is that?
Briogh (5:12:48 PM): bless you
NataSwing (5:12:55 PM): Smeg? as in smegma?
NataSwing (5:12:58 PM): haha
NataSwing (5:13:08 PM): It's German, for agreed
Briogh (5:13:09 PM): No, as in Red Dwarf
Briogh (5:13:14 PM): Ah ha
NataSwing (5:13:48 PM): Ok, as long as you
weren't getting into something that I don't want to
express the definition for

NataSwing (5:13:59 PM): So, do you want her

Briogh (5:14:15 PM): Sure
NataSwing (5:14:37 PM): It's: SNZdoll
Briogh (5:15:01 PM): but then I have to run,
because I have a meeting to plan the Glencairn
Museum cultural activites thingamabobber

NataSwing (5:15:30 PM): alright, well I'm sort of in
the middle of my college essay anyway

NataSwing (5:15:35 PM): have fun!
Briogh (5:16:16 PM): You too. And just so you
know, I leave myself logged into IM pretty much
constantly, so don't feel insulted if I don't reply
for a day or so, because most of the time I'm not